Jahn Report No.54 published

The new "Jahn Report" is here: Shortly before the start of the summer vacations, the new issue of the "Jahn Report" appeared, the 54th installment since July 1994. The brochure is a handsome 60 pages thick and again attractively designed. Under "News", the main topics are a review of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich and the restoration of the banner of the German Gymnastics Association (DT), which is one of the treasures in the permanent exhibition of the Jahn Museum in Freyburg. Basic articles deal with the history of the Freyburg Jahn Gymnastics Festival, held annually in August, first in 1901; with the almost friendly closeness between the writer and jurist E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822) and F. L. Jahn (1778-1852); and with the question of why mountaineering/mountain hiking/rock climbing is not part of gymnastics but is covered by its own association, the German Alpine Association (DAV). Among the reports are two on sports museums, one on new prospects for the Berlin Sports Museum, the other on the recently closed Sports Museum of Switzerland in Basel. A look back at 1947 reveals a piece of post-war history: The German Gymnastics Working Committee (DAT), founded exactly 75 years ago in Northeim, was the forerunner of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB), which was founded in Tübingen in 1950. Five book reviews and the entertainingly readable "Notes" round off the richly illustrated brochure.

Information: Email: info@jahn-museum.de or tel. 034464/27426.

Hansgeorg Kling

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