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Theater walks 2023 lead through Jahn memorials

"Fresh, free, cheerful and pious - is the gymnast's wealth."

Who was actually the so-called "Turnvater Jahn"? How did he come to Freyburg? Why is the town of Freyburg the Mecca of the gymnastics movement and not the Hasenheide in Berlin?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn was obsessed with German unity; for him, gymnastics was not simply gymnastics, but a politically social movement. Jahn risked everything for the dream of German unity. The consequences were a ban on gymnastics, imprisonment and banishment.

Experience the secret of the gymnastics father at selected places in Freyburg. We will start together with you in front of the Memorial Gymnastics Hall in Oberstraße 9, which was inaugurated in 1894.

Play dates: Sat 29 April / Thu 4 / Fri 5 / Sat 6 / Thu 11 / Fri 12 / Sat 13 / Fri 19 / Sat 20 /
Thu 25 / Fri 26 / Sat 27 May each at 8.30 p.m.

Attention: The premiere is already sold out, but there are still remaining tickets for April 29! Start is at 20:30, sturdy shoes are advisable when it goes on the road!

Cards are available in the Theater Naumburg available:


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